Sholl Street Highrise

Our biggest project yet, we partnered with a local developer to assist with the construction of a 4 storey mixed use development on Sholl Street in Central Mandurah. Featuring 8 office tenancies, and boasting a luxury fit out restaurant, no expense was spared in the design and construction of this unique and aesthetically appealing building.

Our involvement in the project involved design and install of interior walls and ceilings, exterior cladding, exterior timber ceilings, feature cabinet work to the restaurant servery, balcony ballustrading and privacy screens, design consultation on many matters throughout the build, installation of fire suppression barriers, carpentry items, and many other tasks over the 2 year build.

We worked as a small team throughout the build with local experts such as


Regan's Electrical

Merlin Cabinets

Ceramica Tiling


JD's Glazing

and others.